SPY PIXELS – Email Tracking

Email spying

“See who’s tracking your email” What if we tell you that all our emails are being tracked and our information is being collected. Yes, it is high time we take security seriously and understand the gravity of the scenario. SPY PIXELS: To start with, let us first understand what spy pixels are. Spy pixels which are also known as tracking pixels or web beacons. They are invisible and tiny image files( .PNGs and .GIFs) which are inserted in the content body of an email. They may appear as clear, white…

FireEye Cyber breach – PART II

Fireeye Breach Part II

No organization is 100% secure – ever! As FireEye continued to investigate and identify the root cause of their security incident, they identified a global campaign that introduced a compromise into the networks of public and private organisations through the software supply chain. FireEye identified that this compromise was delivered through a widely used IT infrastructure management and remote monitoring software – SolarWinds. Although FireEye hasn’t attributed this attack to any particular group, based on several media reports, it is believed that this attack was carried out by a nation-state…

Fireeye Cyber Breach – PART I

Fireeye Breach

No organization is 100% secure – ever! FireEye is one of the world’s renowned cybersecurity firms with customers including major government agencies and enterprise customers around the world. The company is known for its world-class research on state-sponsored threat actors and its incident response capabilities. On 8th December 2020, FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia said in a public statement that they were recently attacked by a highly sophisticated threat actor. “This attack is different from the tens of thousands of incidents we have responded to throughout the years. The attackers tailored…

Manchester United Cyber Attack

Manchester United Cyber attack

“A Cyber Gun to the Head” The Red Devils were attacked and it is believed that the cyber criminals are holding them to ransom for millions of pounds after hacking into their system. Manchester United released a statement late on Friday, 20 Nov of an attack on their IT systems that took place that very evening. The attack was identified and shut down by the cyber defences set up by the club’s IT team. It’s rumoured to be a ransomware attack for which the club has neither agreed or denied…

What is Cybersecurity?

What is cybersecurity? this is one of the most important thing to be aware of if you are connected to the internet.

Ever since the introduction of the internet the term cyber security has become very prominent and one of the most searched terms on the internet. And more importantly, the accelerated growth of the internet has also paved the way for cyber criminals using different techniques to launch an attack against a targeted victim connected to the internet.

Bangladesh Bank Cyber Attack

Bangladesh bank cyber attack

“ One of the biggest Cyber Heists” The Bangladesh Bank robbery commonly known as the Bangladesh Bank cyber heist took place in February 2016. This particular heist is considered to be one of the biggest cyber attacks targeted against any government body in the world. What Actually Happened ? On the 4th of February 2016, Hackers stole Millions of dollars from the central bank of bangladesh through the Federal reserve bank of New York. Hackers sent thirty five forged requests with an aim of stealing $1 billion from the Federal…

WhatsApp Vs Telegram


“Which one of them is Secure and  Better?” The evolution of the chatting service has been huge over the past years. There are tons of apps available for us to chat, share media, including voice and video calls. These apps make our lives a lot easier and everyone around us uses these apps on a regular basis . Most of these apps are free to download from the Appstore/ Playstore whereas a few of them are paid apps. These apps differ in many ways such as the UI, features, Updates,…

Gmail Global Disruption-2020

Gmail King g-suite

”The King of mail having trouble in sending emails” As a long time user of Gmail and g-suite services from the alphabet corporation company the leader of search engines and known for making much other revolutionary software that has become so much integrated with our daily lives, for example, finding the best restaurant near you to knowing what is the weather going to be like google plays an integral part in our daily lives.  Google on Thursday the 20th of august 2020 has given a statement stating that its popular…