About Us

About RootFloe

Rootfloe is a private limited company headquartered and registered in the United Kingdom and has been providing cybersecurity services to its customers since 2017.

Rootfloe focuses on providing a 360- degree cyber-centric services to its patrons which includes penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, complete source code review, firewall security, governance and compliance services, security configuration review, threat intelligence, application development and talent management services required for your IT infrastructure at your organization.

With an initial focus on only providing cybersecurity services for our clients,rootfloe has expanded into also providing a variety of custom services within the cybersecurity domain to meet its customer’s diverse needs.

Our mission is to safeguard an organisation’s infrastructure and it’s assets from both internal and external attacks and enable business continuity. And to improve cyber-security posture from grass-root and to form a better cybersecurity eco-system for all.

At rootfloe, we’re committed to exceed your expectations and ensure you’re complete satisfaction. Our team of experienced technical managers work diligently together with our clients to ensure that our quality of services is unparallel in technical, compliance and we make sure all performance metric is met, we follow the industries best practices and use the very best of experts who have a technology market Insight in all aspects, our technical report will be thorough and is written in such a way it will help your developer/ technical person remediate your issues with rootfloe by your side.

And for any other Technical support, we are only a call/ Email away, looking forward to serving You!

What We Offer

Information Security Services

Penetration Testing

We will test your organization’s entire network, web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Source Code Review

We will review the entire written code of your application for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Complete Security Configuration

We provide detailed analysis and verification of the configuration settings of your IT infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities and report on fixes to be implemented.

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Firewall Security

We review your firewall and verify the controls for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Services

We will assist you to get complied to the cybersecurity standards such as GDPR, ISO, Cyber Essential, Cyber Essential plus, IT general Audit and HIPAA.

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Threat Intelligence

We will conduct a threat analysis on your overall organization for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers(Internal & External) and submit a report.

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Application Development

We will help develop the best applications with excellent cybersecurity standards for your Organizations.

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Talent Management

We provide highly skilled resources for your organisation on a short or long term basis.

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