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Improve Cybersecurity in Banking & Financial Industries

Cyber Security Controls can be the most challenging of all to the largest financial institutions in the world feeling the same pressure in protecting their IT assets from rogue hackers.

The increase in a number of cyber-attacks in the banking industry evidently proves that banking and the financial sector is the most targeted institutes for cyber attack with new tactics developed daily, to target banking/financial association with methods getting more complex every day. We will ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is kept safe from their preying hands by regularly pentesting for vulnerabilities of your in house and public-facing web and mobile applications and your entire computer network by doing a complete manual and automated tests with multiple tools for greater accuracy and being certain your ecosystem is safer in our professional hands. We also have the expertise to be your trusted cybersecurity advisor /consultant throughout the year.

How will we assist to implement cybersecurity services in banking and financial institutes?

  • Cyber Security Consultants: We will provide Full-Time, Part-Time or On-Demand consultants to meet your demand as required.
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing / Ethical Hacking: We will conduct Network VAPT assessments, Web & Mobile Application VAPT assessments, Social Engineering, Wireless penetration assessments, and physical On-Site Testing.
  • Vulnerability Management service: We will identify vulnerabilities of the web, mobile and network before hackers identify them. We will help prioritize vulnerabilities with a plan of action to be taken with accurate reporting for fixes to be carried out.
  • Core Banking Security: We will assist you with operational security administration challenges, or the design of all ie., any new core banking software.
  • Mobile Banking Security: As the future is certainly moving towards mobile, our team of professionals will assist you in meeting the cybersecurity challenges faced in this domain.
  • Cyber Security Project Management: Our project team will manage your cybersecurity projects from start to finish, alleviating resource constraints.
  • Security Log Monitoring Services: We will undertake 24x7 monitoring of your core software as well as firewall and other security infrastructure as required.
  • Vendor Management service: We will verify and conduct, if your business needs or must be evaluated for cybersecurity controls required by your client before they engage with your business or to self-check the readiness of your organization in means of your current cybersecurity posture.
  • PCI Compliance Assistance: We will provide assistance for PCI ASV scans, PCI DSS SAQ assistance, PCI Gap Analysis.
  • Risk Management, risk mitigation and compliance services.
  • Cyber Security Controls investigation and resolution.

What We Offer

Information Security Services

Penetration Testing

We will test your organization’s entire network, web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Source Code Review

We will review the entire written code of your application for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Complete Security Configuration

We provide detailed analysis and verification of the configuration settings of your IT infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities and report on fixes to be implemented.

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Firewall Security

We review your firewall and verify the controls for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Services

We will assist you to get complied to the cybersecurity standards such as GDPR, ISO, Cyber Essential, Cyber Essential plus, IT general Audit and HIPAA.

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Threat Intelligence

We will conduct a threat analysis on your overall organization for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers(Internal & External) and submit a report.

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Application Development

We will help develop the best applications with excellent cybersecurity standards for your Organizations.

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Talent Management

We provide highly skilled resources for your organisation on a short or long term basis.

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