What is Cybersecurity?

What is cybersecurity? this is one of the most important thing to be aware of if you are connected to the internet.

Ever since the introduction of the internet the term cyber security has become very prominent and one of the most searched terms on the internet. And more importantly, the accelerated growth of the internet has also paved the way for cyber criminals using different techniques to launch an attack against a targeted victim connected to the internet.

“An art of exploiting Human Psychology”-Social Engineering

Social Engineering,Phishing,Vishing,Spear phishing,Whaling

“An art of exploiting Human Psychology” Nowadays it has become harder to fight against the social engineering attacks than the technical attacks because the social engineering attack has the capability to bypass all technologies including the firewalls.  What is Social Engineering?  Social engineering is a technique used by attackers to persuade people into performing actions and revealing private information that may be useful for fraudulent purposes. In today’s world humans are more susceptible to attacks by the bad guys than machines. So it is very important for an organization to…

Ransomware and Leakware- Prime Century for Cybercriminals

Ramsomware ,Virus

”Prime Century for Cyber-criminals” Gone are the days of roadside bandits and thieves, the 21st century has brought with its own set of challenges where the bandits hold on to the possession you care the most which are your data be it your personal or professional data. The digital age and explosion of data we consume and produce have become the new target to be held ransom to be aware and wake up. What is Ransomware?Ransomware is a malicious software/ malware which slips into your systems without raising suspicion and…