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”The King of mail having trouble in sending emails”

As a long time user of Gmail and g-suite services from the alphabet corporation company the leader of search engines and known for making much other revolutionary software that has become so much integrated with our daily lives, for example, finding the best restaurant near you to knowing what is the weather going to be like google plays an integral part in our daily lives. 

Google on Thursday the 20th of august 2020 has given a statement stating that its popular Gmail service has faced an issue that has been resolved for some users and the outage issue is to be resolved for the rest of the affected users. hours after the email service provider faced global disruption users faced issues like inability to log-in add attachments receive emails etc. google is yet to comment on the cause of the disruption. 

G-suite statement dashboard which gives information regarding the performance of various google services said the company was investigating the issues. in the latest update, the company said the issue has already been resolved for most users and we expect a resolution for all users very soon. 

As well as the company has provided multiple updates on the matter in the past few hours stating it is investigating the issue and have accepted that there is a disruption in sending emails creating files in the google drive posting a message on google chat among others. 

While Google did not point out how many users were impacted their locations data taken from a third-party online platform has revealed that the outage has effects around the globe. 

Netizens have taken to various social media platforms to air out their concerns about the issue with the hashtag #gmail which featured among the top trending hashtags. 

As to say I am very sure that Google will have all the issues resolved in no-time and will also undergo groundbreaking updates to avoid future incidents like these as they have proved themselves time and time again. 

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