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CVE Updates for the month of December 2020:

Microsoft released today its monthly roll-up of security patches known as Patch Tuesday. This month they fixed 58 security bugs for around 10+ products. More than a third of the total 58 patches are remote code execution vulnerabilities and the total number of patches are less when compared to November releases. 

Continuous vulnerability management and cyber hygiene can fend off the majority of cyber-attacks. Stay secure by updating patches and fix your vulnerabilities before they take over your system.

Remote code execution – 22

Total Number of Patches – 58

This month, we have RCEs in Microsoft products like Windows NTFS, Exchange Server, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Visual Studio, and Hyper-V.

Patching these first is advised, as, through their nature, Exchange and SharePoint systems are regularly connected to the internet and, as a result, are more easily attacked.

Another major bug fixed this month is also a bug in Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization technology, used to host virtual machines

Patch Management is one of the main things an organisation has to follow in order to avoid security breaches from happening and safeguard the organisations assets. Another advantage of patching is that it increases productivity, as sometimes the patches come with performance updates too

Happy Patching!!!

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