IT Services Management Help Desk Support

Why IT Services Management Help Desk from Rootfloe

  • No long term contracts
  • Your very own easily approachable IT Support team
  • Workstations on Lease (use and pay as you go)

  • Monthly subscription

Our Mission:

Rootfloe provides IT Support services for small, medium and large organisations. Our IT professionals are well experienced and work round the clock via phone, email and a centralized service desk to deal with all your system related issues and challenges.

We also deliver bespoke solutions as per the organisation's line of business and leverage the existing support system.

Our aim is to provide affordable, reliable, professional and friendly service to all our client’s across the UK and Europe.

Supported IT Solutions by Rootfloe Help Desk. 
  • EUC- End-user computing support 
  • Office 365 Support
  • Software Installation and software Updates. (Windows & Mac)
  • Email Configuration.
  • Reduce high CPU Utilization and performance Optimisation
  • Antivirus installation and monitoring
  • Patch implementation
  • Network configuration and optimization
  • Unlimited remote IT support via phone & email
  • Office suite and G-Suite
  •  IT Security solutions

Implementation Services we Support :

Software Installation:

Software Installations services for your Computers and Servers according to your business compliance regulations with the help of our Software Installation Experts.

Email Client Support :

We will help you install/rectify any technical issues you might have with your email client.

Network & Server Support:

Our network and server support helps you to safeguard your network from attacks and reduce the downtime caused by such issues.

Application support: 

We provide high-level application support to enhance your application's performance.


Upgrades and updates for your software for your entire IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity:

We can help you to develop a Business Continuity Plan for your organization by evaluating the critical systems and thereby avoiding disruptive events from happening and more...

You can find out more about the other services that we offer apart from technical IT support in our Rootfloe Services section.


What We Offer

Information Security Services

Penetration Testing

We will test your organization’s entire network, web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Source Code Review

We will review the entire written code of your application for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Complete Security Configuration

We provide detailed analysis and verification of the configuration settings of your IT infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities and report on fixes to be implemented.

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Firewall Security

We review your firewall and verify the controls for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and report the fixes to be implemented.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Services

We will assist you to get complied to the cybersecurity standards such as GDPR, ISO, Cyber Essential, Cyber Essential plus, IT general Audit and HIPAA.

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Threat Intelligence

We will conduct a threat analysis on your overall organization for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers(Internal & External) and submit a report.

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Application Development

We will help develop the best applications with excellent cybersecurity standards for your Organizations.

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Talent Management

We will provide highly skilled technical candidates for your organization be it short or long term.

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