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CVE Blog - Chinese Hackers
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As CORONAVIRUS tore through the world, the cyber attacks have also increased considerably causing damage and loss of data to a lot of organisations.

The National Security Agency has come up with a set of vulnerabilities targeted by the chinese hackers by the name APT41 to steal intellectual property, economic, political, and military information.

Even though the Chinese Hackers are targeting the organisations for information and data, the NSA have said that it is possible for organisations to safeguard their data and not fall victim to these attacks. 

According to security firm FireEye, the hackers abused recently-disclosed vulnerabilities in software developed by Cisco, Citrix, and others to try to break into scores of companies’ networks in the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and more than a dozen other countries. It is found out to be that the hackers have used sophisticated technologies to hack the organisations.

RCE 12
Privilege Escalation3
APT Groups6

Continuous vulnerability management and cyber hygiene can fend off the majority of cyber-attacks. Stay secure by updating patches and fix your vulnerabilities before they take over your system.

It is also evident that out of 25 Vulnerabilities released by NSA, 21 vulnerabilities fall under the high risk category.

Patch Management is one of the main things an organisation has to follow in order to avoid security breaches from happening and safeguard the organisations assets. Another advantage of patching is that it increases productivity, as sometimes the patches come with performance updates too.

Happy Patching!!!

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