Bots and Botnets are one of the worst cybersecurity threats in the internet these days.
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“Watch out !!!”

These days Botnets are currently one of the worst threats on the Internet. The hackers make use of computers by infecting them and using them for malicious activities. Save yourselves!!!

What are Bots?

Bots are internet connected devices such as Computers, Mobile phones etc, which are used by hackers to launch an attack.  A group of bots connected together in a network is called a Botnet. Botnets are used for malicious activities such as performing a DDOS attack, stealing information, ad fraud, clickbaits and many other malicious attacks launched against a targeted system. Botnets are controlled by hackers using Command and Control servers. Nowadays, bots are purchased by hackers available through the dark web frequently in order to perform malicious activities. The dark web is an area of the internet that is only accessible with specific browser software, such as Tor or I2P. Using the purchased bots hackers launch an attack against the targeted victims.

How do they work?

Hackers usually infect systems and use these systems to launch an attack against the targeted system. These bots are used to launch a DDOS attack, steal information, send spam messages etc.

DDOS Attack Methodology: 

A DDOS attack is initiated when an attacker sends a request that appears to come from a  couple of different IP addresses. An attacker sends many requests per second from a spoofed ip address thereby concealing the DOS attack.

This attack becomes a powerful DDOS attack when the attacker uses a group of infected systems to perform such attacks. The attacker makes use of these infected systems (bots) to send multiple SYN messages from multiple spoofed addresses (distributed DoS or DDoS) to the victim computer making it one of the most powerful cyber attacks.

Biggest Botnet Attacks of the 21st Century

In the past there have been a lot of cyber attacks involving the use of bots to launch an attack. Below are some of the famous bots of the 21st Century;

3ve Botnet 2018:

The 3ve botnet pronounced as “eve” was first discovered by WhiteOps in the year 2016 and is believed to be present since 2013 and created by an anonymous hacker group.

It is believed that the 3ve bonnet controlled over 1 million residential and corporate IP addresses within Europe and north america. 

The 3ve botnet spreads through Fake downloads, emails and once executed, they generate fake clicks on advertisements online.

This attack led to clicking on more than ten thousand fake websites with more than 250,000 total webpages and over $30 million was stolen during the use of this botnet.

This bot is no longer live and was halted in the year 2018.

Mirai Botnet 2016:

Mirai botnets played a major role in the massive DDOS attack against DYN in September 2016. The domain registration service provider DYN experienced 1.2 tbps of data all at once making it one of the massive DDOS attacks ever.

The Mirai botnets were created by Paras Jha, Josiah White and Dalton Norman.

The Mirai Botnets target IOT devices that run on ARC processors. If the default credentials of these devices are not changed, Mirai botnets have the ability to login and infect the device. To make this attack successful, Mirai implemented hundred thousand hijacked IOT devices.

The reason mirai botnets are dangerous is that it is mutating and the source code is live online for other cybercriminals to use it. There are different variants of the Mirai such as the Okiru, the Satori, the Masuta etc.

The mirai attack managed to infect 6 million devices.

Methbot 2016:

Methbot was one of the biggest advertising fraud schemes. This botnet originated in Russia created by an anonymous hacker or a group of anonymous hackers  who took control of devices in Europe and North America. 

The attacker first created more than 6000 domains and 250,267 URLs  that seem to be from valid publishers such as ESPN, Vogue etc. Later, malicious videos were presented on these websites which led to their bots watch over 30 million ads per day. 

Estimated clicks per day generally reached between 200 and 300 million per day and the attacker managed to get around 3 to 5 million dollars per day and caused over $1 billion loss to the ad industry.

Botnets have been a constant threat to the IT industry as a whole and dealing with such malicious attacks require confident and a strong cyber security approach to safeguard the network infrastructure from such attacks.

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